September 26, 2013

Current inventory, Part 2: Bits and pieces!

Well, I figured we might as well post nearly everything.  We had some stuff hidden in a tote and some bits and pieces of things hanging around! So, here we go!  I also am going to change the font, I couldn't read it the other day and so I think its probably best if people can read it if we intend to sell anything.  :) We are also seriously considering getting a plasma table for our home and starting to cut out some custom signs and all sorts of other cool things that we have thought of since we did things last.  Would anyone be interested in custom things?  I really need to know so that we can figure if its a realistic idea or not.  Anywho...onto the bits and pieces!

I think these bigger pieces would probably be about $5 each, they're maybe a foot-ish or less in size, and these are bare metal.
Jumping fish...(we probably have 2 of these)
 Swimming fish...(we have one larger one and a smaller, maybe 2 of the smaller, not sure)
 Reeds...I think we have 2 of these.
 Wood duck...
Bears fighting oval (or making out or talking or playing, whatever suits you!), bare metal, about a foot in size, $10
These were intended to be shelf brackets (there's two stacked), not sure how he was going to do it, but they're pretty cool! Love our moose stuff!
Here are small pieces of the animals that are in our wall décor, bare metal, about $1 each, I think...we have several of most of them. 
 And then our trees...Probably 50 cents each I think, we have a ton! 
If you like this stuff, tell your friends!!!!  I need all the help I can get!  And we really, REALLY want to make more things!!!!

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