September 26, 2013

Current inventory, Part 2: Bits and pieces!

Well, I figured we might as well post nearly everything.  We had some stuff hidden in a tote and some bits and pieces of things hanging around! So, here we go!  I also am going to change the font, I couldn't read it the other day and so I think its probably best if people can read it if we intend to sell anything.  :) We are also seriously considering getting a plasma table for our home and starting to cut out some custom signs and all sorts of other cool things that we have thought of since we did things last.  Would anyone be interested in custom things?  I really need to know so that we can figure if its a realistic idea or not.  Anywho...onto the bits and pieces!

I think these bigger pieces would probably be about $5 each, they're maybe a foot-ish or less in size, and these are bare metal.
Jumping fish...(we probably have 2 of these)
 Swimming fish...(we have one larger one and a smaller, maybe 2 of the smaller, not sure)
 Reeds...I think we have 2 of these.
 Wood duck...
Bears fighting oval (or making out or talking or playing, whatever suits you!), bare metal, about a foot in size, $10
These were intended to be shelf brackets (there's two stacked), not sure how he was going to do it, but they're pretty cool! Love our moose stuff!
Here are small pieces of the animals that are in our wall d├ęcor, bare metal, about $1 each, I think...we have several of most of them. 
 And then our trees...Probably 50 cents each I think, we have a ton! 
If you like this stuff, tell your friends!!!!  I need all the help I can get!  And we really, REALLY want to make more things!!!!

August 31, 2013

Current inventory!

We have relocated to Dubuque, Iowa and are making attempts to sell what we brought with us. Here is our current inventory:  ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!!! (relatively)
No hunting, single pheasant, 19 1/2" x 17", $40 obo
 No hunting, double pheasants, 28.5" x 22.5", $60 obo
Single pheasant oval, painted, 18"x12" $20
No hunting, wood ducks painted, 21"x29", $45
 No hunting, wood ducks bare metal (same size as above), $20
No fishing, painted fish jumping, 22"x25" $40
 Gone fishing, bare metal, large 32"x21" $20; medium 17"x26" $15; smaller 15.5"x24" $15.
Fish jumping with reeds, 17"x19" $15
Painted 3 fish, 10"x20" $30
Bare metal 4 fish, 16"x10"  $10

No fishing, fish jump with reeds, green, 22"x 31" $30
No fishing sign, bare metal 20"x14" $15

Log, bare metal 11"x 18" $15

Ovals, (not sure the size, maybe a foot wide -ish) $10

Fighting elk, 21.5"x7" $15

Bear coat rack, 4 hooks, 10.5"x18" $20
Deer coat rack, 5 hooks, 29"x 15.5" $45

Small deer wall decor, 13.5"x10.5" $20

Small elk wall decor, 18"x10" $20     (SOLD!!)

Small bear fighting wall decor, 18"x10" $25

Large wall decor, measures 29"x14.5"  $45
elk fighting
bears fighting (or whatever you like to think they're doing!) hehe..
 Car man cave sign, 29"x14.5" $15  (SOLD!)
(they were awesome! Wish we would've brought more man cave stuff.  If/when we start making custom stuff we're doing man cave stuff first! maybe...)
We also have the pieces to make the scenes above, the trees, and some of the animals, we also have fish and a couple of other ovals that I haven't taken pictures of that I forgot we had.

August 22, 2013

We posted on craigslist!

Well, since hubby and I moved from Utah and I don't know the area very well and haven't ventured very far, I have finally put a bunch of our stuff on Craigslist!  Not everything, but at least a bunch of the things that we brought with us.  I have a feeling that this stuff SHOULD do really well out here, there is so much wildlife in the area.  But, we will see how things go.  I've been proved wrong many times before.  :) Wish us luck!

April 10, 2012

Tentative plans..

So far, from just brief discussion, I think that the only events we might be doing this summer is Hooper Tomato Days and the Plain City Harvest Arts Festival.

Unfortunately, last year didn't turn out as well as we had hoped, and those were the 2 events that we did the best at.  Also, pop has a lot of school stuff going on this summer, and I'll be attending college full time to get my associate's degree and working full time this summer, so time is limited.  

Also, I've briefly been playing with the idea of maybe figuring out how to mail some of the things out, I'm not sure how much it would cost, but some of the shortie 3 hooks should mail pretty easy, as well as the ovals.  So, if anyone is interested in those or anything at all, please let me know and we can attempt it.
Also also, we have our first "follower" of the blog.  Very exciting! :) Welcome!!!
Best of luck to everyone! 

January 28, 2012

If you are new..

For anyone that is visiting this blog for the first time, Welcome! :) I hope you enjoy yourself and maybe even find some things that you'd like to purchase.  If you do, my email is

Something also to keep in mind, we made this blog at the beginning when we had a wide array of items available.  We have sold a fair amount since we made this blog and not everything you see is available, but we do have a bunch of inventory left so it is possible.  However, we no longer have any key racks left, which is really too bad, they were super neat!

If you know of anyone that would be interested in some of this stuff please let me or them know.  Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you!

P.S.  Please visit the pages at the left to see the kind of things we make, as well as the blog post below for some more things.

December 1, 2011

Just in time for christmas...

I'm posting some pictures of some things that we sold at the last event (Plain City Harvest Arts Festival), none of them are painted and we sold them for about $10 each for the large ones and $5 for the ovals.
Everything is bare metal, no paint, not grinded, nothing.  We also have single pieces (like trees, animals, background scenes and stuff like that) that you can use to put together your own things, I think we can sell those for 6/$1 or something like if you look through the coat racks and simple wall decor, you can get the pieces that you see there.

If you see anything you like on this blog, let me know...I think I'll go through and add tentative prices to everything, all prices on this blog are negotiable and we can arrange delivery if you live near the Ogden/Plain City area in Utah.  Please email me with requests or orders and we'll see what we can do about getting those to you right away.

(We also have wood ducks like this too....but not a picture of it.)

September 29, 2011

bad news...

Bad news everybody...
I think we are done doing events for the season.  :(  But, if you see anything you like or are interested in any of the bare metal things that you saw at the last event, please send me an email and we can arrange delivery and prices.  Again, my email is:
It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I hope you are all doing well!  :)